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Tombstone Arizona is the symbol of the “Wild West” in the thoughts of people around the globe. It was as wild as reported and as portrayed for a short period of time. It was founded in the 1870s by a silver miner. He had been told that he would find nothing there except his tombstone. Apaches were still active in the area. The “Gunfight at the OK Corral” occurred in 1881, took place in a vacant lot, and took about 30 seconds. A period of lawlessness was present and continued. There really were Earps and Doc Holiday. In later years, the silver mines were closed by water flooding them. In the early 20th century and later Tombstone was nearly deserted. In the 1970s it revived as a tourist attraction. In Trip Advisor I often tell people that the “Wild West” was

an invention of dime novels and movies, from the 1890s up to today. The real “Old West” was a place developed by soldiers fighting native people, cowboys herding cattle, hard-working farmers and ranchers, and miners. Tombstone is not a reconstruction. It’s real and authentic as it was 120+ years ago.


Bisbee Arizona is another mining town from the late 1800s. It is the home of the Lavender Pit Mine, closed now but remains a scenic attraction. A high quality strain of turquoise called "Bisbee Blue" was a by-product of the copper mining. Bisbee is full of turn of the century buildings and houses. Today it is a place with artists, authors, many shops and unique eating places. The Copper Queen Hotel is the star and queen of the section called Old Bisbee, and was built right at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The website Discover Bisbee says: “Bisbee is a free-spirited place with a thriving arts/music/hospitality scene, amid a remarkably well-preserved historical architectural setting.” Its 5500’ asl (~1700 m) elevation gives it a milder climate that most of the rest of Southern Arizona.

Tour Itinerary:
9:00 am – Pick Up
9:30 am – Leave Tucson
11:00 am – Arrive Tombstone. Visit to Tombstone Courthouse Museum (cost of admission included in tour)
Noon – Stroll the streets, window shop, shop, lunch on your own at Big Nose Kate’s Saloon, Crystal Palace Saloon, or the Longhorn (all local) on the main street of the old area of Tombstone. Totally your own options, and you can wait for a late lunch in Bisbee if you want.
2:00 pm – Leave for Bisbee.
2:30 pm – Stroll the main streets of Old Bisbee, Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum, coffee, snacks.
4:30 pm – Return to Tucson.
6:30 pm – Arrival back in Tucson.

For inveterate fans of Tombstone, you can stay there for the afternoon, and be picked up about 5:00 pm to return to Tucson.

Tour cost: $50/person special until 2/29/2020

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